This material has been special by combining three artistic phases for its manufacturing; dyeing, printing and refining. Which have made it of notable attraction and beauty. Its uniqueness has also made the Buffalo at the top of clients’ wish-list

A material which has definitely proven its worth. It has always been one of the best, toughest and most beautiful of fabrics. Its persistence in the world market, in spite of the abundance of challenging materials over the years, stands witness to its superiority

After entering the competition rapidly, it had an undeniable appeal. Its shiny colors with an endurance to harsh conditions, plus its being easy to clean. It is indeed the material of all seasons; worthy of the title “Four Seasons”. It’s worthy to note that international fairs and markets never lack their fair share of the Jaquare’s elegant presence

People are always on the look for privacy. We always want time for ourselves and our loved ones. There’s no doubt that we could find such a sanctuary in Soft, where the silent strength resides. Softness unites with elegance giving a relaxing atmosphere. This one too, like Jaquare, is one of the recent materials available in the market. Its popularity has equally exceeded expectations

The most flexible of choices which the majorıty goes for. Its qualities range from a variety of colors, a high quality, plus being considered as an economical choice. Interior designers especially depend on it for its artistic practicality; for its convenience for curtains, upholstery and furniture in general.