In light of our restless effort toward perfect solutions, high productivity and special service, we have developed our range of services in order to meet the future expectations of our clients.

The diversity of our services firstly aims to provide a landscape which would allow

our clients to maneuver easily in our world of competition.

In order for them to, consequently, prove their existence and plant their roots. Ever since the establishment of Reyes Groups, our motto has always been: “Our service, our limitless credibility”.


Dates and shipments

There is no doubt that in the world of trade, the credibility of shipments and delivery dates is a crucial matter and indeed, one of the most important reasons of success. By coming up with precise organizing solutions, punctuality and effectuating our commitments have become easy qualities to obtain.


Packaging textile gives an impression of the attention given and care taken by the selling company. And it is in turn reflected with the trust and comfort of the buying client. Which helps ease up the process of promotion and sales automatically.
Our packaging takes place by the supervision of a young team of experts who take advantage of the most advanced technologies and machinery available.

Dyeing and printing

One of the most significant challenges of the world of textile is the issue of the differentiation of contrast in colors, especially in repeated orders. Through our accumulated experience and our partnership with the best labs concerned with the dyeing and printing of textile fabrics, we have been able to solve this issue and reach the highest standers of quality. Those experts also team up with a group of quality controllers who guarantee you the best results.

Style and design

The wheel of development and modernism knows no rest. And this includes the shift of tastes. Our recruitment of unique specialists has provided us and our clients with the trust in knowing that we are always pioneers. Sharing a passion for novelty with our clients has always given us a constant push towards creativity.